About The Joyful Rich

If money can solve a problem, it shouldn’t be a problem. That’s because, despite the immensity of the problems in the world today, God has abundantly equipped the American church with money and manpower that is more than sufficient to address them — and he’s already working through tens of thousands of ministries to do it!

TJR was launched in August 2021 to help American Christians find the abundance of life that Jesus promised by giving them an easy way to get involved in that work in a powerful way.

Who Are the Joyful Rich?

It takes an annual income of $45,500 to be in the top 1% of earners worldwide.1 Almost half of Americans make that much.2

Just $14,500 — the U.S. minimum wage — puts you in the top 10%.3 Seventy five percent of Americans make that much.4

Three out of four Americans make more than 90% of the world.

Half of Americans make more than 99% of the world.

Most of us don’t feel like it, but we are some of the very richest people in the world. That comes with responsibility. Jesus says that much is required from everyone who has been given much, and that there are consequences if we fall short (Luke 12:42-48).

But it also comes with joy. What an amazing blessing we’ve been given to share from our abundance and find the fullness of life that God desires for us to have!

The joyful rich are those who have realized that the question is not “Why does God allow suffering?” but “Why do we?” and have begun to discover the unimaginable joy in the plans he has for those who have been entrusted with much. Join us!

Our Approach

There is a vast gap between becoming aware that we already have everything required to address the world's needs and taking God-directed action to do it. Because it takes such significant, concerted effort to cross that gap, most never make it. Excitement eventually fades, and life goes back to normal. What you’re left with is a life that is far less than what Jesus promised.

What if you could take action right away, though? What if you could give $10 (or $100 or $1,000) and know that it was making a real difference?

When you give through TJR, that’s exactly what happens. Your gift is combined with thousands of others, and you become a sender — an integral partner in ministry with the people and organizations that God is using next door and around the world. And as you give, you also learn. Through our website, social media channels, and periodic email updates, you discover ministries and needs you never knew about. You feel their stories and know that you’re an essential part of making that happen.

How It Works

The set of ministries you support through TJR are chosen and maintained by a godly team of men and women from a variety of denominations who are dedicated to seeking the wisdom and guidance of the Lord. The ministries must be U.S.-based (for financial oversight and security reasons), and communication of the Gospel must be a core component of their work. In addition, the ministries must be nonprofit and not affiliated with any specific denomination.

When you give, 100% of your gift is allocated to the set of ministries you choose. We have a dedicated group of donors who support this ministry by funding the overhead and administrative costs of running it, so all your giving goes directly to the ministries you choose. You can choose to give to all the ministries supported by The Joyful Rich, or you can choose to focus your giving on a particular segment, like the Unreached or Community Development. You can also have multiple giving plans for different sets of ministries.

Each quarter, the team comes together for a time of prayer to seek the Lord’s guidance on how to disburse the funds that have been allocated during the quarter. This is a complex task taking into account factors like a community development ministry focused on a single neighborhood having different financial needs than a major international organization serving in scores of countries around the world, so we announce each time that they meet so that everyone can be in prayer for them.


Shane Pike

Shane Pike | President/CEO

Shane entered the business world right out of college in 1995. In 2000, God added ministry responsibilities leading a new Sunday School class. Since then, he has built two different businesses and sold them to public companies, become a licensed minister, served as a house church pastor, and has taught the Bible all along the way. He has served as an elder, chairman of his association's Sunday School committee, and on the boards of several nonprofit ministries — most recently as the board chair for a major ministry to unreached people groups. After decades of preparation, in October 2019 God led Shane to begin work on what became The Joyful Rich.

Robert Owen

Robert Owen | CFO/Treasurer

Robert is a Partner of Tucker, Midis & Owen (TMO), a provider of M&A advisory and strategic counsel to privately-held, middle market companies. Prior to joining TMO, he was a VP at Peachtree Equity Partners, a private equity fund focused on providing non-control equity to middle-market companies for growth, acquisition financing, or shareholder liquidity. Before joining Peachtree Equity Partners, Robert was a founder and Principal of Westhampton Partners, a $100 million private equity firm focused on making acquisitions of middle market companies. Robert has a B.S. in Business Administration from UNC Chapel Hill and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith | Board of Directors

Bruce has over 30 years of consulting, business development, and recruiting experience in the accounting, finance, and technology industries. He is currently a Director of Client Development with RGP, LLC, and also owns a SaaS technology platform helping career ministries assist the unemployed in their communities. Over the course of his career, he has practiced as a CPA, recruited with a global executive search firm, served in national business development roles, founded a successful telecommunications start-up, founded a successful consulting and staffing firm, and served two elected terms on the City Council for the City of Norcross, GA.

Christina Byerly

Christina Byerly | Board of Directors

Christina has dedicated her work to serving nonprofit organizations, both locally and internationally. As a consultant, she comes alongside organizations to support them through fundraising, strategic planning, staff and organizational development, and program enhancement. Over the last 15 years she has served in multiple capacities at various organizations, giving her a wide scope of experiences. She loves getting to help so many organizations achieve the goal of greater impact. Christina holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Georgia, and lives just outside Athens with her husband and two children.

Jonathan Dotson

Jonathan Dotson | Board of Directors

Jonathan has worked for 28 years to grow and build Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the leading national provider of exceptional early learning, family care solutions and workforce education benefits to top employers across the US and internationally. In his current role of Group VP of Client Relations, he and his team are responsible for strategic management and partnership growth of all US clients with onsite child care centers. He and his family have also been very involved in mission work for two decades, developing a new school and children’s homes in rural Kenya and serving each year with Lighthouse Family Retreat.

Kim Hobbs

Kim Hobbs | Board of Directors

Kim is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and now resides in Birmingham, Alabama, where she moved after spending her early career in Atlanta working in the Stewardship and Cooperative Program office at the Georgia Baptist Convention. She is a full-time mother of five and volunteers her time among several church, school, and service organizations as well. In her spare time, she enjoys time playing tennis and watching her girls ride horses and her boys play their favorite sports. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development.